“HYDROFIRE LTD Co” , was established in 2003 by Mr. Nikolaos Skliros & Stathis Skliros converting an older company established in 1995.

The company operates on its private owned premises in Athens-Egaleo (Greece) covering 2100m2.

Its main activity is the import – export & distribution of mechanical equipment components and complete fire extinguishing systems – Sanitary plastic piping, potable water and hydraulic. as well as the supplying of products for mechanical networks conformed to International Standards, within all Balkan countries and Middle East

The products distributed by our company are separated in 2 major segments:

1st one is “VICTAULIC” grooved components (couplings-fittings and special articles, such as valves, filters, check valves-flex joints, special components for fire extinguish such as sprinklers, flow switches, test sprinklers, water motor alarm, alarm valves, dry valves,deluge valves, preaction valves, foam extinguishing systems), steel pipes, hangers, fire hose cabinets, fire stations, pressure reducing valves, fire fighting pumps assembly according to NFPA or EN 12845 as well and other similar equipment. Other brands represented are: “CLAVAL FIRE PROTECTION” – WALLRAVEN – “AURORA / FAIRBANKS PUMP SKIDS UL/FM–HD FIRE foam equipment – TECOFI- FIREDOS GMBH- GENEBRE –  “FAS FOAM SYSTEMS ”-RAPIDROP-RM MANFREDI


PP-R –HDPE PE 100 –PP -UPVC piping and fittings for domestic applications sanitary-plumbing . We distribute and represent PIPE LIFE CO, WEFATHERM Germany- AKATHERM

With more than 23 years of cooperation with VICTAULIC CO USA we have achieve to built a strong relation and we operate as the preferable distributor of the area focusing on the excellent performance of their product line in fire fighting.
Designing: Our company uses Hydrocad software under its scientific personel in order to achieve excellent performance of hydraulic calculations in fire protection networks providing technical support to fire designers and consultants.

On its activity, our company supplies and supports large infrastructure projects and constructing companies, with emphasis to high quality products and services.



CEO / Director