Our company focusing to the best possible services for pre and after/ sales, offers the following possibilities to its customers.


  •       Tactical Maintenance and repair services from specialized technicians and availability of genuine spare parts from the product range of our company. (for fire pump skids-fire detection-fire extinguish systems –preaction systems etc)
  •      Product delivery on site with our own trucks in the area of Attica
  •       Technical support from expertise people on site for installation and commissioning consulting of our equipment
  •     Available Inside sales and telephone technical support for quick problem solving purposes
  •     From our engineers detailing Calculation of your drawings so as to create a reliable BOQ for your order and save time on the site with the proper availability of materials.
  •    3D designing for special rooms (ex mechanical rooms) so as to ease the installation ,forecast the materials needed and keep your time schedule against your customer.


*Some of the above services require extra cost and you should contact inside sales prior to the usage